7 Best Business biography books of Indian Entrepreneurs

Indian business biography books List of Indian biography books Must read biographies for entrepreneurs

7 Best Business biography books of Indian Entrepreneurs of Must Read in 2022:

Business biography books of Indian entrepreneurs are narratives that tell the stories from the birth to the growth of business of the Indian entrepreneurs.

7 best Business biographies of Indian Entrepreneurs are narrative based on the lives of 7 industry leaders from different sectors covering form the launch of the business and its growth patch. These books are written on the basis of interviews and mixed facts about the top best leaders in the Indian Industry.

  • Among all the various options of keeping yourself business motivated, a reading one of the selected business Biography of Indian entrepreneurs will be the most productive source. While there are many top listed inspiring books for Indian entrepreneurs, we have shortlisted them on the basis of reviews and recommendations. 

To understand Indian Business management in a better way, we recommend checking the following articles.

So without further introduction, here are the 7 best business biography books for every Indian entrepreneur to get self-motivated.

Book 1: The Indian Business Box Set:

1. The Indian Business Box Set Stories of How Gujaratis, Baniyas and Sindhis Do Business Business biography books of indian entrepreneurs


One of the best Indian business motivation books is “ the Indian business box set” Consist of great Indian business stories and how Gujaratis, Baniyas and Sindhis do business in India.

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Book 2: The Story of Tata:

2. The Story of Tata 1868 to 2021 An authorized account of the Tata family and their companies with exclusive interviews with Ratan Tata Non-fiction Biography  Indian business biography books

The Indian business biography bestseller “the story of Tata” Covers the life story of the Tata, the Tata family and their companies from 1868 to 2021. The content in these must-read biographies for Indian entrepreneurs is based on the exclusive interviews with Ratan Tata. This book is one of the best non-fiction must-read business biography of all time.

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Book 3: The Portfolio Book of Great Indian Business Stories:

3. The Portfolio Book of Great Indian Business Stories Riveting Tales of Business Leaders and Their Times business books for Indian entrepreneurs


The best business biography books of Indian entrepreneurs “The portfolio book of great Indian business stories”  riveting tales of business leaders, their life and their business lifetimes.

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Book 4: Rahul Bajaj:

4. Rahul Bajaj An Extraordinary Life Biography of the chairman of Bajaj Group Must read biographies for Indian entrepreneurs


One of the best Indian business biography books “ Rahul Bajaj” Is an extraordinary biography of the chairman of the Bajaj Group, Mr Rahul Bajaj.

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Book 5: Zero to Billions:- The Zerodha Story:

5. Zero to Billions - The Zerodha Story An inspiring story on how a startup disrupted the Indian Stock Market (Indian Unicorns) Best business autobiography books in India


The bestseller Biography of Indian entrepreneurs “ Zero to Billions” is an inspiring story narrating how a startup disrupted the Indian stock market and made a billion business. These must-read business biographies for entrepreneurs is based on the true story of Zerodha.

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Book 6: The Big Bull:

6. The Big Bull - Stock Market Lessons for Beginners from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala The Journey from ₹5000 to ₹45,400 Crores! (Kings of Indian Stock Market) Biography of Indian entrepreneurs


One of the best Indian business biography bestsellers for stock market entrepreneurs is “ The Big Bull” This book covers the stock market lessons for beginners from the Great Indian businessman and stock market king Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Book narrates his journey of making  ₹5000 to ₹45,400 crores from the stock market.

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Book 7:The History of the World’s Greatest Indian Entrepreneur: 

7. The History of the World’s Greatest Indian Entrepreneur - Dhirubai Ambani 1932 – 2002 (History of The World's Greatest Entrepreneurs) Indian business biography books


The bestseller Indian business biography “The History of the World’s Greatest Indian Entrepreneur” shows the real history of one of the world’s greatest Indian entrepreneurs Mr Dhirubai Ambani. These must-read biographies for entrepreneurs cover the life of the Reliance group from 1932 up to 2002.

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This list of Indian businessmen biography books for entrepreneurs narrates the story of great Indian business leaders and founders of the biggest enterprises in India like Tata, Bajaj and Dhirubhai Ambani, etc.

Have we missed out on any business biography books? Let us know through the comments below so that we can add them to our list for the understanding of other readers.

  • The above listed Indian business biography books for Indian Entrepreneurs help you to understand how these leaders manage their business to become big successful entrepreneurs.

Check the respective link of the Great Indian business biography which suit your needs and buy from Amazon, to get self-motivated in your business.

After reading this article and books don’t forget to implement the ideas you got from the life of these leaders in your business life to take your business to next level.

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