7 Best Digital Marketing Books in India

Digital marketing Books

7 Best Digital Marketing Books in India for newbie Marketers and Business Development Professionals:

7 best Digital Marketing Books in India for newbie Marketers and Business Development professionals are the ideal listed books for those who decided to pursue digital marketing as a career.

Even though all the basic information which you need to run a marketing campaign and acquire customers, is available over the internet. It is ideal to read the best digital marketing books to understand the following concepts of digital marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC).
  • Content Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.

Best digital marketing books in India are the best source of information that you can look into and rely on and learn quite easily. As the books offer systematized and structured knowledge, we list the 7 best digital marketing books.


Reading these books and understanding the principles and concepts will not make you a perfect digital marketer,  you have to practically implement each method and analyse the performance and improve it day by day to become a professional digital marketer.

BOOK 1: Digital Marketing- cases from India:


Dr Rajendra Nargundkar is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore in Marketing and he has been Director of IMT Nagpur. He has written many books related to marketing and his current focus, research and teaching are in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Tourism and Retailing.

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Digital Marketing Cases from India


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The best selling Digital Marketing book by an Indian author Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar “Digital Marketing” consists of a collection of short case studies related to the issues in the domain of digital marketing.


  • Books cover the topics of email marketing, social media marketing, marketing campaign management and analysis,  marketing strategies, etc.
  • This digital marketing book presents the real digital marketing challenges which are faced by the professionals and the organizations, in addition, this book shares the steps they can follow to manage it.

This book will be a supplement to any digital marketing course textbooks for classroom teaching or for professional digital marketing management programs.

BOOK 2: Digital Marketing Dictionary:


Dr Ujjwal Chugh is the best and most renowned author, motivational speaker,  life coach and keynote speaker. He had a leading versatile company which delivers end to end digital solutions and technology products.

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Digital Marketing Dictionary - An initiative towards the Fulfilment of Digital India


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The best Indian bestselling Digital marketing book “Digital Marketing Dictionary” is an initiative towards the fulfilment of the dream concept “Digital India”.


  • This book is written in a simple and descriptive style. This best selling digital marketing book “Digital Marketing Dictionary” explains the concepts of digital marketing in detail. By reading this book anyone can understand the concepts and terminology used in digital marketing in day-to-day marketing.

Books also give a basic understanding of HTML Site Map,  Dead Link, Click Rate, Digital Optimization, Malicious Tagging, ORM, Zapier, UPI, W3C etc.

BOOK 3: Marketing Essentials:


Vibrant Publishers is a leading publishing house in the USA which is focused on high-quality referral books for management professionals, IT professionals,  and graduate students. Vibrant Publishers is committed to publishing content-rich, concise books at a reasonable price to benefit all its readers.

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3. Marketing Essentials – Integrating Traditional Business Strategies with Digital Marketing


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This set of books called “Marketing Essentials” is counted as one of the best digital marketing books available in India which will Integrate Digital Marketing with the traditional business Strategies. This set will have 3 of the best business books.

BOOK 1: Digital Marketing Essentials will help you to understand the principles of marketing and boost productivity.

  • This book includes the tools required for the winning digital marketing strategy.

BOOK 2: Marketing Management Essentials, which will help you to understand the required skills in the world of marketing.

  • This book will help you to understand the functions and elements required in digital marketing and the skills required for the marketing manager and help to understand the relationship between marketing strategies.

BOOK 3: Business Strategy Essentials is the best book to help you to strengthen your strategic management skills.

  • Reading this best marketing book helps you to understand industry structures and their life cycles and the do’s and don’t in the marketing industry.

BOOK 4: Quick win Digital Marketing:


Hanlon Annmarie is the consultancy Director of the marketing company Evonomie which is specialized in providing expert marketing advice to clients in business-to-business service industries. This book is based on the experience and marketing research he had in the industry.

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4. Quickwin Digital Marketing Answers to Your Top 100 Digital Marketing Questions


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The best selling digital marketing book “Quick win Digital Marketing” is the source of answers to the top 100 Digital marketing questions which will have to every new digital marketing profession.


  • Quick Win Digital marketing is an ideal source of information for marketers, business managers and entrepreneurs who want to use digital marketing to increase their business.

This book consists of the questions and answers with the cross-reference covering the following topics:

  • Blogs and Micro Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Web
  • Photo/Video/Audio

The book is designed in five sections so that the readers can dip in and out seeking answers to questions as they arise:

BOOK 5: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:


Puneet Singh Bhatia is Director, Marketing Axtria Inc and a  professional digital marketer. The bestseller Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is Puneet’s second book.

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5. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


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The digital marketing bestseller ‘Fundamentals of digital marketing is an honest attempt to showcase the evolving Indian digital marketing landscape. This book will be a great asset for interest to students, professors and entrepreneurs who are interested in the digital marketing domain.

The new edition of this book Includes digital marketing practical exercises, market trend assessment, and digital marketing competitive research.

  • This book covers the methods for implementing multiple marketing analytics techniques in digital marketing. Also, this book covers the latest advancement in digital marketing like voice marketing, micro-influencers, etc:

This book is one of the best books to understand the basics of Digital Marketing and Digital marketing model creation for the professionals who want to take digital marketing as a career. The book will cover the fundamentals of digital marketing campaign management and the Digital Business present and future in India.

BOOK 6: Concept Building Approach to Digital Marketing:


Neeru Kapoor is a PhD holder and an Associate Professor at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce in the Department of Commerce. The prime areas of her research interests and teaching include Advertising, Digital Marketing, Organizational Behaviour and Marketing Management.

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6. Concept Building Approach to Digital Marketing, 2E


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This digital marketing book Concept Building Approach to Digital Marketing is designed for undergraduate students in BBA and commerce. This book will help the readers to get a solid understanding of the digital marketing basics in a simplified manner.

  • This digital marketing book in Indian cover the syllabus includes concept, functions, importance and challenges in Digital Marketing in the current time.

In addition, these books cover the importance and the concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) for the growth of the business.The ethical and legal framework for current digital marketing is explained in this book which will help students to understand and follow in their careers.

BOOK 7: Foundations of Digital Marketing:


Animesh Sharma is an Indian digital marketing veteran. He has conducted many workshops and trained many professionals in digital marketing and published many research papers and articles on digital marketing in many national and international journals.

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7. Foundations of Digital Marketing


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Foundations of Digital Marketing is one of the best digital marketing books in India which shows the fact that Digital marketing technology has impacted and has influenced to change the way we work and live.


  • The best-seller “Foundations of Digital Marketing “ shows the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and helps the readers to get a better understanding of the digital world through comprehensive explanations of how the concepts of digital marketing work.

This book covers every aspect of the digital marketing domain and its practicality of it.   These books cover the best practice for  SEM, SEO, social media marketing and content marketing which will help all sorts of businesses.


These listed 7 best Digital marketing books, also called online marketing, help the readers to understand all the marketing efforts that occur over the internet through our digital gadgets. These books help the business owners and sales and marketing professionals to leverage digital channels such as social media, email, and search engines, to connect to the prospective customers quickly.

  • As digital marketing is one of the best sources for inbound business leads, understanding and implementing digital marketing in every business in India will help business owners of all sizes to expand their business.

These top 7 best digital marketing books in India, written by the industry leaders, will help the readers to develop strategy and the fundamental process to take their business into the digital domain. Here we are listing again all the seven above listed best digital marketing books for quick reference.

  1. Digital Marketing- cases from India by Dr Rajendra Nargundkar.
  2. Digital Marketing Dictionary by Dr Ujjwal Chugh.
  3. Marketing Essentials by Vibrant Publishers.
  4. Quickwin Digital Marketing by Hanlon Annmari.
  5. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Puneet Singh Bhatia.
  6. Concept Building Approach to Digital Marketing by Neeru Kapoor.
  7. Foundations of Digital Marketing by Animesh Sharma.

These books also share a lot of insights on branding, digital targeting, and product positioning in the market, which will help the digital marketing professional, rank themself.

We believe this list will help you to start with and enhance your digital marketing knowledge. Just click the respective link of the digital marketing book to buy from amazon.

Also, we recommend our readers to recommend other best digital marketing books in India in the commend box below, so that it may help other digital marketing students and professionals.

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