7 Best personal Financial advice Books for women

Personal finance books for women

7 Best personal Financial advice Books for women

Best personal financial advice books for women are one of the best ways for women to improve their personal financial knowledge. Following best personal finance books every woman should read. These books have been selected on the basis of the recommendations from many writers, for women. Reading these personal finance advice books made women rethink about there personal finance.

For a normal woman, even though these books will not make a money expert, but we are sure, it will help them to get started in money matters.

 If you are looking for a good personal finance book that can help you get your financial freedom, we recommend you to check the books listed in the below blogs in MyMoneyBooks.

These 7 top-rated must-reads best personal finance advice books for women are authored by the top personal finance guiders of the world.

One of the best books I will personally recommend for Indian women is: “WOMEN WITH MONEY” it is a free guide for creating the joyful, purposeful, less stressed, life which any Indian women deserve.

This article will cover the other best 7 great personal finance advice books for women.

Book 1: I Wish Somebody Would Told Me Single Parent Guide:


Zarinah Tavares was born in Long Island New York on September 5, 1985. She graduated from high school in Georgia, completed MBA in finance and accounting. She is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, consultant, life coach, artist, and an awesome single mother. She aspires to help other women by teaching them to get finance knowledge and live a happy and financially secure life.

More books of Author:


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One of the best personal finance advice books for women, “I wish somebody would told me, by Zarinah Tavares” is the best book to read for young women, single mothers which offer suitable financial advice, practical tips, and motivation.


  • The prime purpose of this personal finance inspirational book is to creatively help newly single moms to find a suitable way to manage their personal finances and avoid common financial mistakes.

This book helps young women to find a purpose of there life and help to take suitable steps to achieve the financial goals.

Sometimes single mother parenting is too tough, but reading this book helps them to realize it is not impossible. The advice and tips to follow in this personal finance advice book for women help the readers to feel motivated and inspired for raising healthy children.

Book 2: Women in Financial Transition:


Junko Rivka Horvath is a writer and a personal finance motivator and an advisor. Her writings help young women to secure their financial future by avoiding the most common financial mistakes women used to make in their life.

More books of Author:

Women in Financial Transition Secure Your Future by Avoiding the Most Common Money Mistakes Women Make


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Through this personal finance book for women, Junko Rivka Horvath brings expert interviews on topics including Inheritance, Divorce, Retirement, The Sale of a Business, and Widowhood.


  • This is one of the resourceful books for young women who find themselves in personal financial transition.

This book is packed with real-world examples and expert opinions which help women to handle various stages of financial transition.

This Book help in discover:

  • The four stages of life transition and which one you are in now.
  • Two sides of Money, technical and personal, and understand the one that drives most decision making.
  • Common challenges and mistakes that women go through in life and how to handle it.
  • How you can improve and grow your relationship with money.
  • Possible solutions for your personal financial problems you are facing which need to be solved.

No matter your current financial situation, this book will help you to find a piece of sound advice from experts.

Book 3: How to Be a Financial Grownup:


Bobbi Rebell is a journalist and advocate for financial literacy. She is currently leading the U.S. business video unit for the largest news organization Reuters. In millennials, Bobbi used to writes a globally syndicated personal finance column.

More books of Author:

How to Be a Financial Grownup Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom


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The best personal finance advice book for women,” how to be a financial grownup by Bobbi Rebell is a piece of proven advice from high achievers on how to live your dreams and have financial freedom.


  • Through this book author, Bobbi Rebell shares the financial lessons the top leaders learned early in their lives, which helped them to become financially successful.
  • This book also shared actionable advice on how anyone can become a financial grownup just like other millionaires.

The book walks you through most of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make regarding investing, debt management, real estate, family finances, and even health and wellness. Through this book, you are guided by practical and proven examples and given the information that you need to make the right choices for you.

How to Be a Financial Grownup will help young women to get new ideas to better manage personal finances if they’re going through life changes.

Book 4: Financially Single:


Meredith Dekker and Dan Cuprill CFP are well-known, financial advisors and help many people to get track of their personal finance matters.

More books of Author :

Financially Single Financial Advice for the Divorced or Widowed


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One of the best personal finance advice books for divorced women or widows by Meredith Dekker and Dan Cuprill CFP is “Financially Single”, which helps them to safeguard their money and secure the future.


  •  Divorced women and widowed are generally vulnerable to threats to their personal financial future, this book is an ideal source of information for them to overcome it.

As you navigate through this challenging phase of life, this personal advice finance self-help book will help you safeguard your money.

It also helps single women to pay more attention to their personal financial well-being.

Book 5: Every Woman Should Know Her Options:


Laurie Itkin has B.S. in economics and she is the founder of “The Options Lady” a boutique money management firm in Southern California. She is working to educate and empower women of all ages to become financially successful by taking control of their money. Her financial advice help women to generate more income and reduce risk when they directly investing in the stock market.

More books of Author :

Every Woman Should Know Her Options Invest Your Way To Financial Empowerment


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The book “Every Woman Should Know Her Options by Ms. Itkin” is once of the best personal finance advice book for women of all ages, which guide them to invest in their way to financial empowerment


  • In this book, Itkin outlines the steps she took, in her difficult time to build a million-dollar stock market portfolio from her small inherited money, before she turned 40.

The book is filled with easy-to-understand women’s stories of wealth-building and examples of challenges and successes. This book will guide you to grow your hard-earned money in the stock market using options to reduce risk.

This book to help to learn how to:

  • Grow your money by investing.
  • Use options to lower your risk and generate income from the stock market.
  • Stop paying additional fees on your investments.
  • Overcome all the obstacles usually women face in achieving financial freedom.

For the women who manage their own money, this book will help to tune the path to financial empowerment.

Book 6: Clever Girl Finance:


Bola Sokunbi is a finance expert, influencer, speaker, podcaster, and moreover, he is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), and the founder and CEO of, a personal finance platform for women, “Clever Girl Finance”.

More books of Author:

Clever Girl Finance Ditch debt, save money and build real wealth


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The bestseller, Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi is the once of the best personal finance advice book which helps young girls to save money, Ditch debt, and build real wealth by taking charge of your finances and achieve financial freedom.

  • This book, Clever Girl Finance, shows her personal finance mistakes and financial redemption to empower and educate women on their journey to financial freedom.

By reading this book, women get encouraged to talk about money and financial wellness. This will guide women on how to navigate their own murky financial flood and come out afloat on the other side.

This book will help you in

  • Build a budget and monitor your expenses.
  • Keep your credit bills in check and clean up credit chaos.
  • Make the most effective handling of money.
  • Invest for your future by transforming your money mindset.
  • Be accountable for your financial well-being.

The valuable lessons from Clever Girl Finance give the feel the power of “clever girls” real-world stories and put yourself on the path to financial freedom.

Book 7: Smart Women Finish Rich:


David Bach is a senior vice president of “The Bach Group”, a major New York brokerage firm, which manages over a half-billion dollars of individual investors’ money.  Mr. Bach lives in San Francisco and has taught retirement planning classes at the University of California, Berkeley Extension moreover he was one of the best financial motivational coaches for women.

More books of Author:

Smart Women Finish Rich


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The bestseller personal finance book for women, Smart Women Finish Rich, by David Bach, gives young women the tools they need to create a rich financial future.


  • Whether you’re with a significant inheritance or working with a few dollars, Bach’s seven-step program in this book can provide a huge payoff.

The book “Smart Women Finish Rich” will help you to control your finances and make a better future. This book for women that talks about finance and money handling in a way that makes sense.

This financial planning guide, that addresses and provides a workable solution for the unique issues that women face today and provides a principle that guides you to align your money with your values.”


Reading these 7 best personal finance advice books every woman should read help them to get a better understanding of money and become more personal financially responsible women.

Below is a quick list of the 7 best personal finance advice books for women.

  1. I Wish Somebody Would Told Me Single Parent Guideby Zarinah Tavares.
  2. Women in financial transition by Junko Rivka Horvath.
  3. How to Be a Financial Grownup by Bobbi Rebell.
  4. Financially Single by Meredith Dekkerand Dan Cuprill CFP.
  5. Every Woman Should Know Her Options by Laurie Itkin.
  6. Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi.
  7. Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach.

If you would like to add any other books to this list, we are happy to hear from you through the below comment box.

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