7 Best Investment books by Indian Authors

Indian authors share market books
Indian authors share market books

7 must Read Investment books in 2021 by Indian Authors for beginners

As there are millions of Investment books by Indian Authors on the topic ‘stock market investment’, for beginners it will be confused to select a suitable book.

It’s really important for a newcomer to understand the basics of the stock market and investment before entering to build a successful career in it. For newbie investors, lack of knowledge leads to a financial loss intern leads to a decline in morale and confidence.

For traders, we recommend checking the 7 best Indian Stock Market books by India Authors for Traders.

To help the newbie investors, In this article we are covering 7 Must Read Investment Books for Stock Market Investors by Indian Authors. Also please refer to the following list of best books.

These Indian authors’ books are specifically for the Indian newbie investors and traders as it is written by Indian authors specific to Indian stock market. This article covers a brief introduction for each of the must-read books and about the Indian stock market Authors. Below is the list of Indian stock market Authors, who shared their knowledge for the newbie investors.

  • Parag Parikh
  • Prasenjit Paul
  • Santosh Nair
  • Rahul Sarogi
  • Jitendra Gala
  • Raghu Palat
  • Ravi Patel

Most of the best books to read by Indian authors are based on the concept of Value Investing. The value investors find stocks that are undervalued and buy the stock and hold it for a longer-term profit booking.

These investment books from Indian Authors guide beginners around the world to strengthen their skills and knowledge in investments.

Book 1: Stocks to Riches


Mr. Parag Parikh was an Indian author, chairman of PPFAS Ltd, an Investment Advisory Firm, and a successful entrepreneur. Parag Parikh began his career as a stockbroker in BSE. Mr. Parikh holds Masters’s Degree in Commerce & Economics from the University of Bombay.


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The Investment books by Indian Authors “Stocks to Riches” by Parag Parikh is simple and written in an easy-to-understand language that imparts sound thinking on the behavior and philosophy of investing. Readers will get, Mr. Parag Parikh’s years of experience, and knowledge which he gained through the study and analysis in the stock market. This book will cover the following.

  • How one can find the right stock and strategy for investing?
  • Time-tested and proven guidelines help the retail investor to make money.
  • Personal experience of Mr. Parag which help the retail investors, broker and analyst

This is one of the best Investment books by Indian Authors every investor, both experienced and beginners, should read once in their life. Stocks to riches audiobooks are also now available.

Book 2: How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market.


Prasenjit Paul, an equity investor and well know the stock market author from India. He writes his books on the basis of his successful track record and on the basis of insight into the Indian stock market. Prasenjit Paul, is a SEBI registered equity research analyst in INDIA. He is the founding director of Paul Asset Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Which is an equity advisory company.


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The Investment books by Indian Authors “ How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market by Prasenjit Paul explains to the investors the importance of Investing in high-quality stock( Business). Also explained about the need of picking the right stock at the right price and holding them for a reasonable period. This Investment book by Indian Authors, explains the basic concepts in an easy-to-understand and simple language and covers the following details.

  • How to select fundamentally strong business(Stock).
  • How to minimize the loss in the Indian stock market.
  • Steps to pick up winning stocks and Mutual funds.
  • How to avoid losses and earn consistently.
  • How to evaluate management in the stock selection?
  • Strategy to decide when to buy and sell.
  • How to construct a successful portfolio?

How to avoid loss and earn consistently by Prasenjit Paul pdf are available online for download. The book teaches the investors and traders a simple message that “Life is not all about the stock market and money”.

Book 3: Bulls, Bears, and Other Beasts.


Santosh Nair is an Editor, and writing on the financial markets for over two decades. He worked previously with many financial organizations, and also with The Economic Times. He is the author of many books including his popular book about Indian markets, Bulls, Bears, and Other Beasts.


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The book, Bears and Other Beasts by Santosh Nair narrates the history of the Indian stock market post-liberalization. This is a comprehensive book about the INDIA stock market over the last 25 years. This Investment book by Indian Authors covers money laundering, scams and crashes, Tech booms, and Tax evasion to banks and its influence on the investors. This book tells you about the following.

  • What all policies that the government needs to revise.
  • Sensational events that led to weakening the present-day stock-market operations.

Santosh Nair’s Bulls, Bears, and Other Beasts is a must-read Investment book by Indian Authors for all Indian investors and those who are interested in the financial health of the country.

Book 4: Investing in India.


The book “Investing in India” is written by Rahul Saraogi, one of the Indian value investing gurus. Rahul Saraogi manages the Atyant Capital India Fund and he is the managing director at Atyant Capital. In the Indian financial markets, Rahul Saraogi has experience of over fourteen years of investment management.


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Investing in India is an obvious opportunity for foreign investors due to India’s rapid economic growth. To make wise investing decisions it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the country and its culture.

Investing in India is a practical, real-world guide for investors to invest in India. This Investment book by Indian Authors offers an on-the-ground perspective of one of the most successful value investors in India.

  • This book helps the readers to understand the internal realities that impact India’s investment climate and which in turn help both outside and inside investors to find the facts that truly matter for any investment decision.
  • This book features charts and other Indian economic indicators, which are helpful in the stocks market
  • Basic details of best investment options and plans in India.
  • Investing in Indiaby Rahul Saraogi help the investors to understand the real-world look at India’s politics, equity markets, the overall performance of the financial sector in the country, and the real estate market in India.

 Investing in India by Rahul Saraogi is one of the must-read Investment books by Indian Authors for foreign and Indian investors to understand the Indian market and learn how to start investing in the stock market in India.

Book 5: Guide To Indian Stock Market.


Mr. Jitendra Gala has vast experience in the Indian Stock Market and he has written more than 9 best-selling books Indian Stock Market. For the last two decades, he is working on educating Indian’s about Trading and Investing in Stock Market through his books. His books are based on his experience and cover all the aspects of the stock market.

Guide To Indian Stock Market


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Investing in the stock market is a great way to create wealth for a small investor. The book “Guide to Indian stock market” by Jitendra gala is an ideal book for those who afraid of Losing money due to a lack of knowledge about the Indian stock market.

The Investment books by Indian Authors start with explaining the concepts of savings, concepts of investments, and then the importance of invest and various do’s and don’t of shock market investments.

The book Guide To Indian Stock Market by Jitendra gala is a perfect book that explains, how you can start trading or invest in the stock market for newbie investors. The book will also explain

  • Advantages, Disadvantages, and salient features of various investing avenues.
  • Technical analysis and fundamental analysis concepts of successful investment.
  • How to learn share market trading and invest in the share market in India
  • Various terminologies associated with the stock market.
  • Various do’s and don’ts of stock market investing.
  • Golden rules and strategies for making money and avoiding losses in the share market.
  • Different investment principles, which followed by great investors.

The Investment books by Indian Authors is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language and it is good for anyone who wishes to make money from the stock market but does not know where to start and how to start. This is an ideal book for those who don’t know how to invest in stocks for beginners with little money in India.



Raghu Palat author of Fundamental Analysis is a banker and also held senior positions with multinational banks in many countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa including India. He had written about 20 books for his reader’s topics covering investment, finance, and banking.


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The book Fundamental Analysis for investors by Raghu Palat is an ideal book for those who are thinking about “How to make profits in the stock market.

Fundamental analysis is a core skill that needs to develop by an investor to make steady and consistent profit from the share market. Fundamental analysis is the process of evaluating a company on the basis of its track record in earnings, sales, dividends, assets, products, management, and directors. Raghu Palat’s book explains the process which helps you to master fundamental analysis before investing.

This investment books by Indian Authors, Fundamental Analysis for investors help to understand,

  • A value-based approach to stock market investing.
  • Prudent methods for generating handsome profits for the long-term investors.
  • All the analytical tools of company analysis, including ratios and cash flow.
  • How to judge a company’s management and its products.
  • Important fundamental analysis ratios for long-term investment.
  • What all things need to understand from company’s annual report.
  • How to calculate the intrinsic value of a share and take an investment decision.

Fundamental analysis helps you make solid, consistent long-term profits like  Legendary like Warren Buffet. Guide to Indian stock market by Jitendra gala is the best book to learn investing in the stock market in India

Book 7: 31 Stock Market Trading Tips


The author of the book 31 Stock Market Trading Tips Ravi Patel was born in India and has been active in financial markets for many years.  Ravi Patel has graduated from Ahmedabad, Gujarat INDIA, and writes many articles in the stock market. He is visiting faculty member of many well-known Management Institutes in India. He also conducts courses and workshops in Technical Analysis.


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31 Stock Market Trading Tips by Ravi Patel is an ideal book to read for all the newcomers into the stock market. This book consists of 31 simple and easy-to-understand Golden Rules which can follow in day to day life of a trader or an investor. By reading this investment book by an Indian Author and make it practical will help a trader to maximize the gains and minimize the losses in the stock market trading and investments.

  • 31 Golden rules mentioned in the book are applicable to all sorts of newcomers and existing players of the share market.
  • 31 Stock Market Trading Tips applicable to long term investments as well as traders like Intraday, delivery based and derivatives trade
  • This book helps to develop their own Intraday trading tips for beginners.

This book narrates the basic principle that, A Tip in a Day of a month and helps to master your Stock Market within a Month. Each tip out of 31, you can read and practically implement in your trading each day. If it matches your trading and investment nature you can follow it to build your fortune like other great investors.


Here is a quick recap of 8 must Read Investors books by Indian Authors for beginners listed above. Share these best books by Indian authors with your friends who are entering the stock market or would need to get expertise.

  1. Stocks to Riches by Parag Parikh.
  2. How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market by Prasenjit Paul.
  3. Bulls, Bears, and Other Beasts by Santosh Nair.
  4. Investing in India by Rahul Saraogi.
  5. Guide To Indian Stock Market by Jitendra gala.
  6. Fundamental Analysis for investors by Raghu Palat.
  7. 31 Stock Market Trading Tips by Ravi Patel.

If you would like to learn more about stock market investment, we recommend you to read the 7 best books for stock investors.

For improving your financial literacy, we recommend you to read the 7 best books for personal financial literacy.

To understand more about Long term investment, I recommend checking the blog The right way to invest for a long-term blog.

Above listed books help to develop sufficient fundamental and technician knowledge about the Indian stock market and the investment basics, so don’t wait, just buy to read to enhance your money-making skills.

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