7 best Stock Market books by India Authors

7 best Indian Stock Market books by India Authors for Trading Beginners 2021

7 best Indian Stock Market books by India Authors for Trading Beginners 2022.

There are numbers of best Indian stock market books by Indian authors for trade beginners are available in the market to help the traders to become professional. As there is a big list of books on investment in India, we should be careful in choosing a suitable book to read and learn from it.

Book in this blog, best Indian stock market books by Indian authors for trade beginners is specifically selected for the newbie traders, who want to get expertise in it. Below is the list of authors who contributed to this list of best stock market books by Indian authors.

  • Justin Kuepper
  • Mahesh Chandra Kaushik
  • Ankit Gala.
  • Jitendra Gala.
  • Khushboo Gala.
  • Ravi Patel.

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Below is the list of Best stock market books in India by Indian authors for Beginners.

Book 1: Day Trading.


Justin Kuepper is a software developer and worked as a freelance writer in the domain of value investing and active trading. He shared his experience and knowledge through his financial publications over the years with fellow readers. Being an active trader and investor, Justin has worked with many financial industry startups as a software developer and a consultant.

Day Trading Beat the System and Make Money in Any Market Environment


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One of the best Indian stock market books by India author for trade beginners by Justin Kuepper “Day Trading” helps the readers to Beat the system and make money from the share market in any market environment.


By the term “day trader,” most people imagine the stock market floor is packed with many traders and they are always yelling ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ – or someone who becomes broke and ended up just like that. But in reality, in these days, investing and active trading isn’t just only for the brilliant, it can be expertise by anyone and move to ensure financial well-being.

For the newcomer to the day trading, it can be a complicated process as they are not aware.

  • Where to start:
  • How can approach trade effective way?
  • What all need to take care of to become a professional?

This book on trading and investment in India is an ideal solution for all these questions. With this book “Day Trading” you’ll get the basics about all these queries.

Once you get the basic, then:

  • Understand the Psychology of Trading.
  • Learn the truth about trading.
  • Master in charting and Pattern-recognition.
  • Study Options trading and establish trading Strategies & money management.

Book “Day Trading” will help you to learn and make money using your own computer at your comfort.

Book 2: 41 Tips For Success In Share Market.


Mahesh Chandra Kaushik was a teacher, and had Bachelor’s Degree in Science, and had work experience in Commercial Taxes Department and in Revenue Department. Presently he provides free research analyst reports to his followers on his social media platform.



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Through this share market book for trade beginners, 41 Tips for success in share market, by Mahesh Chandra Kaushik shared his 15 years of experience in trading as 41 tips, which are essential for all types of traders and investors who seek to earn profits from share market.

This Indian author’s book on the stock market is based on the research analysis of Mr. Mahesh Chandra Kaushik in the share market. This investment book by Indian authors reveals the fact that with the advent of discount brokers and the increase in retail investor’s participation in trading, options, and delivery, the old techniques used in the stock market are become almost ineffective now.

The time has gone when the investors used to hold the stock for a long time to get 15 to 20 percent return. At present, most retail investors,

  • Trade directly in intraday trading and making a profit in a single day.
  • Through the call and put options a week.
  • Taking a small amount of Profit in swing trade in a short time period.

This best Indian stock market book by India author for trade beginners is written in this latest context and the author has made a meaningful effort to share his knowledge and many useful things in few words by incorporating his tips can effectively be used in intraday trading, options trading and swing trading.

Book 3: Options Trading Handbook.


Mahesh Chandra Kaushik:- Check the details above.

Option​s Trading Handbook


Buy from Amazon:

Mahesh Chandra Kaushik’s book “Options Trading Handbook” is one of the best Indian share market option trading books for beginners. This book is written in an autobiographical style, describes how Kaushik went to teach options trading to a common waiter named Ghisu Bhai.

Even though there are many books on trading accounts and options trading, you wouldn’t find the knowledge that this book “Options trading handbook” provides. This book provides you descriptive knowledge on options and option Greeks etc.

  • The practical concepts in this book on options trading help even a semi-literate person come to the stock market to use option trading to get rich.

This book covers the topic in very simple language about the latest information right from the ABCs of options to option Greeks. Through this book, Kaushik explains complex subjects of options in very simple terms. As this book written in the format of storytelling, you don’t get bored in reading and learning from it.

Book 4: Guide To Intraday Trading.


Mr. Ankit Gala & Mr. Jitendra Gala has been educating Indian’s about Share Market Investing and Trading for a long time and have about two decades of vast experience in the Indian Stock Market. They together authored many best-selling books on Stock Market, Mutual Fund, Fundamental Analysis, Investment Planning, Investing, Intraday Trading, Future and Options, Option Strategies, Forex Trading, Commodity Market, Investing in IPO’s, etc.

Guide To Intraday Trading


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Indian share market books for trade beginners by India authors Mr. Ankit Gala & Mr. Jitendra Gala, “Guide To Intraday Trading” is a very helpful book for the stock market beginners as well as Intraday professional traders.

In Day Trading or Intraday Trading, all the positions are closed within the market closes time. Nearly 90% of new market players are more interested in Intraday Trading because Intraday Trading requires very little capital, doesn’t need to carry overnight risk and money can be equally made in falling and rising market.

However, many people lose a large amount of money in Intraday Trading because of many reasons, few are listed below,

  • Excessive use of leverage.
  • Fail to trade-in disciplined manner.
  • Avoid market risk management measures.
  • Avoid the use of a stop-loss.
  • Convert losing Intradaypositions into delivery positions.

These best Indian stock market books by Indian authors for trade beginners help newcomers and experienced traders to understand more about the basics of Intraday Trading and how to make money from the stock market using small capital through Intraday trading. This books on trading and investment in India contain the details of,

  • Profitable Intraday entry and exit strategies.
  • How to select the right stocks and quantity for Intraday trading.
  • How to use technical analysis effectively for day trading.
  • Best Intraday trading times.
  • Things need to be avoided in day trading.
  • Risk management, trade mind games, and trading psychology, and a lot more.

This book equips the reader with all the knowledge and resources required for successful Day Trading.

Book 5: Guide To Future & Options.


Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala:- Please refer above for more details.

Guide To Future & Options


Buy from Amazon:

This book by Authors Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala, Guide To Future & Options is an introduction for the new and professional traders to the world of derivative products. These best stock market books by Indian authors for trade beginners explain the applications and ways of making money using derivative products from the Stock Market.

  • Futures and Options on individual stocks as well as indices.

In India, Derivatives products like Futures and Options (Calls and Puts) are mainly used for speculation, arbitraging in Stock Markets, and Hedging. As derivatives are a leveraged product, as a newcomer you must be careful before trading on them. You need to be disciplined and use risk management techniques to avoid losses which are explained in this book.

This Book teaches various terminologies associated with Futures like

  • Spot price, Futures Price, Premium, Discount, etc,
  • Contract Cycle and Expiry Date
  • Cost of carrying and Initial Margin, MTM Margin, etc.

Also teaches various Options terminologies like.

  • Call and Put Option.
  • Strike Price, Expiry Date, ITM – ATM – OTM Options.
  • Intrinsic and Time Value of Options, etc.

In addition, the book will teach you the pricing and valuation of  Futures and Options (Black and Scholes Model), the importance of Volatility and Open Interest, etc, and also teach you how to trade in Stock Futures, Options, Index Futures, and Index Options, etc.

Book 6: Fundamental Analysis Shares- Become An Intelligent Investor.


Ankit Gala & Khushboo Gala have vast experience in the Indian Stock Market and they are well-known authors in Indian. They authored together, two best-selling books about the Indian stock market called Fundamental Analysis of Shares and Investment Planning. For a long time, they have been educating Indians about stock market Investing.

Fundamental Analysis Shares Become An Intelligent Investor


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This fundamental analysis book by Indian authors Ankit Gala & Khushboo Gala is an ideal book for Indian share market swing traders. The Fundamental analysis is one of the prime methods of evaluating the intrinsic value of shares for finding short and long-term investing/ trading opportunities in the share market.

This best Indian stock market books by India author for beginners will teach retail investor or the trader about the basics of fundamental analysis so that they can confidently invest in shares having sound fundamentals to grow their capital.

This best stock market book by an Indian author will help you to learn how intelligent investors make millions by discovering multi-bagger stocks and investing in them. The book also includes the principle of value investing which is used by the legends like Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, and Peter Lynch to make millions of money.

  • These investment books by Indian authors help you to understand, how to check the detail of the key components of the annual report and financial statements like balance sheet, cash flow statement, and profit and loss account of a company.

This fundamental analysis books by Indian authors explain the importance and help you to learn about financial ratios like profit margins, fixed asset turnover ratio, roe, roce, roa, current ratio, corporate actions, working capital turnover ratio, inventory turnover ratio, interest coverage ratio, debt to equity ratio, receivables turnover ratio, price to earnings (p/e) ratio, price to growth ratio (peg), price to book value (p/bv) ratio, the enterprise multiple, dividend yield, etc.

Book 7: Guide To Technical Analysis & Candlesticks.


Mr. Ravi Patel is a visiting faculty member of many Management Institutes and he graduated from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He conducts many workshops and Technical Analysis Courses across the county. He writes articles in many leading newspapers and stock market magazines.

Guide To Technical Analysis & Candlesticks


Buy from Amazon:

Mr. Ravi Patel’s book “Guide To Technical Analysis & Candlesticks” is one of the best books for the Indian share market traders. This Book will teach investor or the trader the basics of Technical Analysis.


  • Technical Analysis is the method of examination of past price performance to forecast the price movements of the future to identify trading opportunities.

These best Indian stock market books by Indian authors for trade beginners help the traders to pick the right share at right time to make a profit from investing or trading in them.

The book will help you to

  • Understand how to use various technical analysis tools like support & resistance, patterns, moving averages, candlestick, different charts, technical indicators, and oscillators with help of case studies.
  • How to manage risk using stop losses effectively and how to exit trades to book maximum profits.
  • Technical Analysis Concepts for Intraday, Short Term Position, Swing Trading, BTST, Futures &Options, and in deciding perfect entry and exit timings for Investing and trading.
  • Technical indicators like Doji, Star, Piercing Line, Dark Cloud Cover, Hammer, Hanging Man Engulfing Pattern, etc.
  • Chart Patterns like Head & Shoulder, Double Top, Double Bottom, Rounding Bottom, Inverted Head & Shoulder, Rising Wedge, Triangle Patterns, Flags, Price Channels, Cup & Handle, et.
  • Technical Indicators like MACD, RSI, ROC, OBV, Moving Averages, Distribution, Accumulation, Bollinger Bands, etc

In addition, this best stock market book by Indian authors teaches you about the stock selection strategies used in Volatile Markets along with various case studies.


We recommend you to buy at least one Indian author’s book on the stock market among the list from Cart or any other cart using the respective link to start your professional journey as an investor or a trader in the share market.

These best stock market books by Indian authors are also helpful for those who are not directly investing in stocks but investing in equity through mutual funds and want to invest directly in the stock market.

We hope, you enjoy the list of these technical and fundamental analysis books by Indian authors which we have suggested above. Below is a quick list of the 7 best stock market books by Indian authors.

  1. Day Trading by Justin Kuepper.
  2. 41 tips for success in the share market by Mahesh Chandra Kaushik.
  3. Options Trading Handbook by Mahesh Chandra Kaushik.
  4. Guide To Intraday Trading by Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala.
  5. Guide To Future & Optionsby Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala.
  6. Fundamental Analysis Shares: Become An Intelligent Investor by  Ankit Gala & Khushboo Gala.
  7. Guide To Technical Analysis & Candlesticks by Ravi Patel.

All the listed books in the best stock market books by Indian authors will help you to learn about the share market and how to make a trade like a professional.

We recommend you to check the Cognizant page for the different topics in this blog site regarding the share market, Investing, trading, and the Money making leanings.

Thanks & Regards.


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