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7 Best Wireless Communication Technology Books

Best wireless communication book

7 Best Wireless Communication Technology Books of All Time:-

Wireless Communication Technology Books of All Time is the list of best books in digital and wireless communication technology.

Since the discovery of electromagnetic waves the application of RF and microwave, wireless communications technology has revolutionized our daily lives. Wireless communication technology is one of the fastest are ever-changing technology in the current world of R&D.

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Below are the top seven best-listed wireless communication technology books of all time.

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Book 1: A Brief History of Everything Wireless:-


Petri Launiainen was the vice president at Nokia, and CTO at Nokia’s former Brazilian research laboratory, INDT and has more than twenty years of experience in RF and wireless communication technologies.

Best books of Author:

A Brief History of Everything Wireless


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The best wireless communication technology book charts the fascinating story of the Brief History of wireless communications.


  • The book provided a particular focus on the impact of each new wireless communication technology invention on our daily life.

This book touches on the emerge of television broadcasting, radio navigation and communication and radar and satellite communication, near-field communication, and light-based communications technology.

Finally, share your thoughts on the development of home networks’ wireless technology and the explosive growth of current cellular technologies.

  • In addition, this book shares the detailed histories of companies involved in these emerging technologies and behind-the-scenes battles.

The book also has “TechTalk” special chapters that share the theoretical basics in an intuitive way about ubiquitous technology.

Book 2: Wireless Communication Handbook (MLI Handbook Series):


Sarhan M. Musa is an associate professor at Prairie View A&M University, Texa in the electrical engineering department and he holds a Ph.D.

Best books of Author:

Wireless Communication Handbook


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This Best Latest Wireless Communication handbook is a comprehensive study of standards and methods currently used in wireless communications and also includes multiple-choice questions for a better understanding of the communication technology aspirants.

This book covers the topics:

  • Cellular and mobile phone technology.
  • Digital carrier systems and transmission.
  • Error control, sim/smart cards.
  • Wireless propagation, multiple access, 4G technologies.
  • Mobility management, wireless networks, Wi-Fi.
  • AMPS/ETACs/D_AMP, global systems,
  • CDMA, MIMO, SDMA systems, PSTN,
  • Mobile satellite systems, wireless Internet, Mobile TV.
  • Short-range devices, Bluetooth, PDAs, and more.

The design and planning of wireless communication technical concepts are explained in detail in this wireless communication book.

Book 3: Digital Communications:


Dr. Bernard Sklar head of advanced systems at Communications Engineering Services has over 40 years of experience in design. He helped in the development of the MILSTAR satellite system.

Dr. Fredric J. Harris is an internationally renowned expert on DSP and communication systems and he is a professor in electrical engineering at San Diego State University.

More books of Author:

Digital Communications Fundamentals and Applications


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The Best-Selling Digital and wireless technology Communications book shared the Digital Communications Fundamentals and Applications for OFDM, MIMO, LTE, and More.


This bestseller book illuminates the big picture and details of coding, modulation, tracing signals and their processing, and processing steps from information source through the sink.

  • Throughout, the book authors provided numeric examples and step-by-step implementation guidance.

This book help in

  • Understand signals, spectra, modulation, demodulation, communication links, system link budgets, synchronization, detection, fading, and other key concepts. Channel coding including advanced turbo coding and LDPC techniques.
  • Multiplexing, and spread spectrum techniques.
  • Amplitude quantizing, adaptive prediction, and Source coding.
  • Applications of synchronization, MIMO, and OFDM technology.

This is an ideal resource of information for electrical engineers on modern digital communications.

Book 4: 5G NR:


Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall, and Johan Skold are deeply involved in 4G and 5G research and development and its standardization since the early research stage of 3G and works at Ericsson Research.

More books of Author:

5G NR The Next Generation Wireless Access Technology


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This best wireless technology book 5G NR shares the details about 3G and 4G and the Next Generation Wireless Access Technology especially about 5G NR.


After a background discussion of 5G, including requirements, spectrum aspects, and the standardization timeline, all technology features of the first phase of NR are described in detail.

The book covers the

  • NR physical-layer structure and higher-layer protocols.
  • RF and spectrum aspects, and inter-working with LTE.
  • Different NR technology components.
  • Latest developments in NR and giving insight into why it is
  • NR in the unlicensed spectrum; NR-U in Rel-16; IAB.
  • V2X and sideline in Rel-16; industrial IoT.
  • Design technical features and principles of basic NR transmission structure.
  • A detailed description of the signals and functionality of the initial NR access.
  • LTE/NR co-existence and benefits of their inter-working in the same spectrum.

In addition, this guide described RF requirements for NR for BS and UE, the legacy bands, and the new mm-wave bands.

Book 5: Machine Learning for Future Wireless Communications:


Dr. Fa-Long Luo is an IEEE Fellow and Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. He has served as the Chairman of the IEEE Industry DSP Standing Committee.

More books of Author:

Machine Learning for Future Wireless Communications


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This bestselling wireless communication book is a comprehensive review of the application, theory, and research of machine learning for future wireless communication technology.


This book is organized into three categories:

  • Spectrum Intelligence.
  • Transmission Intelligence.
  • Network Intelligence.

Deep neural network-based machine learning technology will help to attack the big challenge faced in wireless communications and network technology.

  • This book covers a wide range of topics including,
  • System architecture, optimization, network coding, and slicing.
  • Physical-layer and cross-layer processing.
  • Air interface and protocol design.
  • Beamforming and antenna configuration.
  • Cell acquisition, handover, adaptive resource allocations.
  • Scheduling and rate adaption, radio access control.

This is a comprehensive review of the theory, architecture, optimization, applications, and current developments of machine learning for wireless network communications technology.

  • In addition, it includes an overview of the applications of machine learning algorithms in future wireless networks and architecture and optimization of digital front-end (DFE) and radio-frequency (RF) processing.

These 21 chapters cover a comprehensive review in the field of Machine Learning for Future Wireless Communications. This book is mainly written for professional engineers, researchers, scientists, and graduate students.

Book 6: Wireless Sensor Networks:


This book is authored by Ananthram Swami, Army Research Laboratory, the USA, and ing Zhao, Assistant Professor, University of California, USA along with Yao-Win Hong, Assistant Professor, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, ROC and Lang Tong, Professor, Cornell University, USA.

Best books of Author:

Wireless Sensor Networks Signal Processing and Communications


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The bestseller wireless technology book “wireless sensor network (WSN)” is a comprehensive guide for Signal Processing and Communications.


Technological advancements, in tandem with lowering costs, wireless sensor networks will have a significant impact on the 21st century.

  • The design of wireless sensor networks requires disciplines such as distributed signal processing, communications, and cross-layer design.

Wireless Sensor Networks focuses on the theoretical aspects of wireless sensor networks and signal processing and communication perspectives of large-scale networks design theories and techniques.

Wireless Sensor Networks offer,

  • Distributed signal processing, novel cross-layer design paradigms, and communication algorithms
  • WSN Ideas, illustrations, and applications from classical theory to an emerging field.
  • Analytical tools for use in WSNsapplication-specific design.

Wireless Sensor Networks is a very useful guide for signal processing and communications researchers, practitioners, senior undergraduate and graduate students in network design.

Book 7: Wireless Communications The Future:


William Webb has published over 60 papers in various journals and he is the head of R&D and Senior Technologist, Ofcom, UK. William graduated in 1989 and has worked in the various wireless communications industries.

Best books of Author:

Wireless Communications The Future


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The best wireless communication technology book Wireless Communications offer a definitive assessment of how wireless communications will evolve for the next 20 years.


This Starts with the current situation description and then explains the previous predictions made in 2000 have fared, finally the book gives the in site from contributions of six eminent wireless industry experts. This book derives detailed forecasts for 2011 through to 2026 on the base input from the experts and a critical analysis of the current situation.

This book leads to the key development across all of the different stakeholders in the wireless industry.

  • Presents clear and unambiguous predictions,
  • Chapters covering solid tutorial material across a wide range of wireless devices.
  • Views of the future from high profile contributors including Vodafone and Motorola
  • Provides a comprehensive guide to current wireless technologies,
  • Offering a keen analysis of key drivers, and end-user needs.

This book, compiled by a renowned author with a successful prediction track record, is essential for wireless manufacturers, operators, and wireless device manufacturers. regulators and professionals in the telecom industry and wireless communications.


These best wireless communication technology books help the RF and microwave wireless communication professions to sharpen their knowledge and help to get more insight into the future development in the wireless communication domain.

Below is a quick list of the best wireless communication technology books.

  1. A Brief History of Everything Wireless by Petri Launiainen.
  2. Wireless Communication Handbook by Sarhan M. Musa.
  3. Digital Communications by Bernard Sklarem and Dr. Fredric J. Harris
  4. 5G NR by Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall, and Johan Skold.
  5. Machine Learning for Future Wireless Communications by Dr. Fa-Long Luo.
  6. Wireless Sensor Networks by Ananthram Swami,  Yao-Win Hong, and Lang Tong.
  7. Wireless Communications The Future by William Webb.

If you would like to add any further books to this list of best latest wireless communication books, feel free to comment below for the benefit of other fellow readers.

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