7 Best Printers Under Rs. 5000

Beat printer under 5000 rupees

7 Best Printers Under Rs 5000 in India Buyer Guide For Home & Small Business.

There are many best printers under Rs. 5000 available online portal in India. Due to the pandemic, many professionals are looking for making the home and office with the basic facility needed like a printer and other office accessories. Also, many parents are looking for affordable printers for the Kids learning project requirements. This blog will help you in the selection of the best printer for home requirements or a small business plan, within budget.

As there are many manufactures and there is serious competition among them like HP, Epson, and Canon, manufactures are introduced many new features in their system. For a normal person, it will be difficult to identify the suitable best printer under rs. 5000 for home use by getting the right idea among the technology features introduced.

To get an idea to choose the right best printer under 5000 rupees, you can use this small buyer’s guide, which consists of the basic necessary information you need to consider in the selection of printer.

In addition, we shared the details of the 7 best printers under rs 5000 at the bottom of this blog, so that you can choose one among them and buy from amazon through the respective link.

Types of Printers:

First, you need to understand the different available type of printers in the selection process. Following are the main common types of printers used for the requirements of the household.

Laser Printer:

Sharp letter printing, longevity and print documents with very crisp text are the major advantages of the laser printer compared to other printers like inkjet.

  • In general, laser printers have higher printing speed, robust and very dynamic with a higher lifetime.

The downside of laser printers is, they are costly than other types of printers and have only limited colour printing options.

If you are looking for long-term use black and white printers, the laser printer will be an ideal choice, even though the price will be slightly higher.

Inkjet printers:

Inkjet printers are low-cost printers for household requirements. Most of the printers come with an integrated solution of printing, scanning and copying in a single device with really good colour printing capability.

  • Running cost ( consumable inks purchase cost) is the major disadvantages of this Inkjet printers.

If you are looking for a low-cost printer, with a monthly average printing requirement of fewer than 20 pages, it is ideal to buy an Inkjet printer, so that you can run it for 1-2 years easily.

Ink Tank Printers:

Ink tank printers are the next generation of conventional inkjet printers with the additional feature of an external ink reservoir.

Due to the external ink reservoir in Ink Tank Printers, page yield will be higher and help to reduce the consumable running cost. To refill the ink tank you just need to pour ink into the ink tanks.

  • Even though the purchase cost of these printers is higher, the printing cost per page will be around 50 paise, which is almost half the cost of Ink printers.

If your printing requirement is above 50 pages in a month and you are looking for a long-term solution, it will be an ideal solution.

Hybrid Printers:

Hybrid printers are the hybrid solution of inkjet and ink tank printers. It has the advantage of both the printers and it will be an ideal solution for the long run and good quality printing applications.

  • This type of printers is the first choice for professional photographers to print high-quality images.


This table gives you a rough idea about the 7 top list of best printers under 5000 rupees and the respective link to the Amazon website. If you would like to read and understand more details, check the bottom portion of this blog.

Deskjet Ink 2335 Colour PrinterPrinter, Scanner and CopierWired USB47.5 x 19.1 x 35.4 cm4.22 kg
Deskjet 2331 Colour PrinterPrinter, Scanner and CopierUSB47.5 x 19.1 x 35.4 cm4.22 kg
Pixma E410 Colour PrinterPrinter, Scanner and CopierWired USB42.6 x 30.6 x 14.5 cm3.4 Kg
CanonPIXMA MG 3070S Colour Printer
Printer, Scanner and Copier App, Wi-Fi,USB42.6 x 30.6 x 14.5 cm3.5 kg
Deskjet 1212 Colour PrinterSingle Function - PrinterWired47.3 x 16.3 x 27.4 cm2 kg
Pixma TS207 Colour PrinterSingle Function - PrinterUSB42.6 x 25.5 x 13.1 cm2.5 kg
IP2870 Colour Colour PrinterSingle Function - PrinterUSB48.8 x 34.6 x 18 cm2.3 Kg

Popular Brands:

If you’re searching for any products like a computer, a printer, or ink cartridges, it is essential to know the popular brands in the respective domain. Here for printers, the first three points are the most popular Best Printers Under 5000 and affordable brands in India that would be the part of your home printer requirement out of the following brands in the market.

To know more about the product offerings of each brand, click on the respective name, to the Amazon website.


HP offer comparatively low-cost printers in India for home or small office requirements. Their printers will perform better with lower running and maintenance cost.


Ink tank printers are first introduced by Epson in the year 2014. They offer colour printer which was cheap to maintain, however in the low-end price range, their product offerings are limited. Epson print out images quality is comparatively higher than other equivalent brands.


Canon offers a wide range of printers with lowered printing and maintenance costs. For photographers, canon is the first choice in terms of quality and price. if you’re looking for a printer to print pictures, the Canon brand is the best choice for you.

Features to consider for Home / Small office printer requirement.

Following are the list of features you can check for the best Printers Under 5000 and decide on in the selection process of printers, among the large list available in the online and offline portals.

The functionality of Printers:

The functionality of printers can be classified into two basic types.

  • Single function:- Only printing function.
  • Multi-function:- Combined functions of print, scan and copy.

For small office and home requirements, it is ideal to buy a multi-function printer so that it can use for all the essential features like print, scan and copy. If you are looking only for the printing purpose, ideal to buy a single-function printer, as it provides low-cost value for the money printers within budget.

Connectivity between printer and PC:

All most all printers support data transfer through USB data cable. If it is an office, with many people working on the network, it is ideal to get a printer with an Ethernet port or you can use an Ethernet to USB converter for the connectivity.

Now many printers are coming with wireless connectivity over WiFi and Bluetooth, which helps for easy printing. There are two types of Wi-Fi connectivity models are available in the market. Conventional single-band and Dual-band Wi-Fi. Even though Dual-band is costlier, it has better performance and less failure rate.

Printing Speed:

Print speed shows the number of pages/photo a printer can print in one minute. Now for the laser printers speed is shown as ppm (pages per minute) standard and for coloured inkjet and ink tank printers ipm (impressions per minute) is the term used to represent the speed.

  • Printers having more than five ipm (impressions per minute) is suitable for the home requirements.

Page Yield per cartridge:

Page Yield shows the number of pages a printer can print using a single cartridge or full tank of ink. In turn, it shows the printing capacity of your cartridge or ink tank. As it is a running cost, this is one of the prime factors you need to consider in the selection of printers. If you are buying an ink tank printer, you could refill the tank as it runs out of ink.

Cost per Print (CPP):

Cost per Print (CPP) is the same as the cost per page. It shows the average printing cost needed to make a print. It can be calculated by dividing the page yield of individual inks by the total cost of the printer. It is ideal to buy a printer with a lower CPP.


The display is not an important factor in printer selection, as it can be remotely accessed from the PC, however, LCD/ LED display on the printer will help to easily identify the printing status and diagnose the issue if any comes during printing a long list of documents.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF):

ADF is the technology to scan or copy documents automatically using a mechanical feeder. If you want to Scan multiple pages automatically and you have an ADF feature in your system, you can just leave a set of sheets in the tray and with the help of a paper feeder, the system will automatically intake the paper and do the job.

There are two types of ADF: single-sided ADF and two-sided ADF.

With single side ADF, it can only scan/ copy one side of a document, to scan/copy both sides automatically we need to select the printer with a two-sided ADF feature. Printers with 2 sided ADF feature will have a 5-15% higher cost than normal printers, based on the brand.

Duplex Printing:

Duplex Printing is the feature to print on both sides automatically. There are printers with manual duplex printing option and full-duplex printing. In a Manual duplex printer, during printing, it gives you instructions to print both sides, and we need to manually execute it. In full (Automatic) duplex printers, the system will turn the paper to print, while the paper is inside the printer.

For normal home application, normal printers meet the requirement. Automatic duplex printers may cost an additional 10-20% cost than a normal printer based on the brand.

Print Resolution:

Print resolution shows the no of dots per inch of the printing area. Print resolution is an important factor need to consider if you want to print colour images. If the print resolution is more, print quality will be more.

Most ink tank printers have higher print resolution than a laser printer ( don’t mean it is not suitable for printing images). If you are buying an ink tank printer for the home application ( Not for professional photo printing ), print resolution may not be a big concern in selection. The cost of printers will be higher with higher resolution.

Warranty and Support:

Well, known brands like HP, Canon, Epson etc provides onsite/ offsite service warranty for a period of a minimum of 12 months. We need to verify the warranty clause for the print head, as it will be the most costlier part of a printer. Most of the companies, add a clause to use their own recommended ink cartridge to get the warranty coverage. We need to verify the recommendation list before buying a new cartridge for the printers.

Additional user application Features:

Now printers are coming with additional features like print directly from the SD cards or from USB. These features help you to print direly from your devices with our need to connect to a computer. This feature makes the process easy and faster.

Cost of Printer:

Cost is the one of the prime factor need to consider in buying a printer. Below is a rough idea about the cost of printers in INR generally available in the market.

  • A normal basic printer cost about 3k and 5k.
  • An all in one ink tank without Wi-Fi cost about 5k and 10k.
  • All in one with wireless connectivity cost about 10k and 15k.
  • All in one with wireless and auto-duplexing capabilities cost about 15k to 25K.
  • All in one coupled with Wi-Fi and other features like automatic duplex, ADF cost about 20K to 40K, on the base of higher speeds and proper paper handling capabilities etc.

General Tips for home printer buyers:

These tips are based on the public review, don’t consider them as a recommendation in the selection process of the printers. Select the best printer under 5000 rupees on the basis of your application and the budget availability.

  • Due to low running cost, print cost and easy to refill ink, ink tank printers are best suited for household use.
  • Multifunctional printers are the best suit for home use printers application as it covers all the basic need of the home.
  • It is ideal to buy a colour printer for home use, as it can use for your Kids project needs in addition to your professional office needs and if you need only back and white printing you can use only with back ink.


Below is the list of top-rated best printers under 5000 rupees in India. This list ranking is on the basis of the functionality of the printers. All of the printers are suitable for the home base business and educational project applications. You can select one among them based on your application.

OPTION 1: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335 Printer.

HP Deskjet ink 2335 best printer under 5000

HP Deskjet 2335 is a multi-function colour printer consist of an additional option of scanner and copier. It is of compact size and easy to set up through HP smart app to your PC through USB connectivity and good selection for Home or Small Office applications.

Check out it from Amazon:

  • Affordable all in one printer with print, scan and copy features.
  • Reliable and easy to set up with USB connectivity.
  • High-speed printing capability Black up to 7.5 ppm & Colour up to 5.5 ppm (iso).
  • Supports paper size of A4, B5, A6 etc
  • HP on-site warranty of 1-year.

OPTION 2: HP Deskjet 2331 multi-function colour Printer.

HP Deskjet 2331 Colour best printer under 5000


HP Deskjet 2331 multi-function scanner, copier printer best for Home or Small Office use. It is a compact, reliable, and easy to use and set-up printer connected through USB to the home PC or Lap Top.

Check out it from Amazon:

  • Highly affordable multifunction printer for Home/Small Office use.
  • Simple set up print with scan and copy functions.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 reliable connectivity with PC.
  • Black printing speed up to 7.5 ppm and for colour printing up to 5.5 ppm (iso).
  • A4, B5, A6, dl envelope, paper size supports.
  • On-site service support of 1 year from HP.
  • Genuine HP 805 black original ink cartridge and HP 805 tri-colour original ink cartridge.

OPTION 3: Canon Pixma E410 Inkjet Printer.

Canon Pixma E410 HP best printer under 5000

Canon Pixma E410 is an All-in-one Inkjet Printer, with the scanner, copier functions best printers under 5000 and affordable for Home and Small Office applications. This printer is ideal for those who need to print less than 50 pages in a month.

Check out it from Amazon:

  • Easy to use print, scan and copy functions with Low-cost cartridges
  • ISO Standard A4 paper support.
  • Printing black and white speed of 4.0 ipm and colour print speed of 8.0 ipm.
  • Lightweight and compact with auto power ON feature.

OPTION 4: Canon Pixma MG 3070S Printer.

Canon Pixma MG 3070S All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Colour best printer under 5000

Pixma MG 3070S is an all-in-one type Wireless Inkjet Colour Printer from Canon. Pixma MG 3070S is an Inkjet type Printer with the Functionality of Printing, Scanning and Copying both in black and white and Colour modes. It is an Ideal Duplex Print (Manual) printer for the Home, Regular small business usage of 50-100 pages per month.

Check out it from Amazon:

  • Connectivity to the PC : Wi-Fi & USB.
  • Speed of pages printing is 4 colour pages and 8 black pages per minute.
  • Printer will support all format of page size like A4, A5, B5, Letter, Square (5 x 5″), Custom size (width 101.6 – 215.9mm, length 127 – 676mm), Legal, 4 x 6″, 5 x 7″.
  • Resolution:  Print – 4800 × 600 dpi & Scan – 600 x 1200 dpi.
  • Affordable cartridge PG745S Yield- 100 pages (Black and white print) and CL746S Yield- 100 pages.

OPTION 5: HP Deskjet 1212 Colour Printer. 

HP Deskjet 1212 Colour Beat printer under 5000 rupees

Deskjet 1212 is the best Compact and reliable best printers under 5000 for home and small office use in an affordable price range. This highly compact design printer is easy to set up through HP smart app with USB connectivity.

Check out it from Amazon:


  • Highly affordable and simple to use and easy to set up the USB 2.0 connectivity to PC.
  • High-speed black paper printing speed up to 7.5 ppm (iso) and colour printing up to 5.5 ppm (iso).
  • Paper supports of A4, B5, A6, dl envelope.
  • On-site 1-year warranty coverage from HP. (Customer care contact no: 18002587170)
  • Cartridges HP 805 for black original ink and HP 805 tri-colour original ink.

OPTION 6: Canon Pixma TS207 Printer.

Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Inkjet Printer Best Printers Under 5000

Pixma TS207 is a Single Function (Print only) colour Inkjet printer from the Canon family for home and small business application. Even though the printer doesn’t have an LCD display on it, the full function can be monitor on the remote application on PC. It is an ideal printer for those who look for a printer to print less than 50 pages per month.

Check out it from Amazon:

  • Connectivity compatibility  to Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X v10.6.8 through the USB with Auto Power On
  • The printing speed of 7.7 ipm Black and 4.0 ipm colour pages per minute.
  • Printer will support A4, 10.16 cm x 15.24 cm, 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm, Borderless Printing up to 4x 6″. Custom size (width 89 – 215.9mm, length 127 – 676mm).
  • Print resolution support of 4800 x 1200 dpi page size.
  • Compatible Inksand page yield: PG745s-100pgs, CL746s-100pgs, PG745-180pgs, PG745XL-300pgs, CL746-180pgs, CL746XL-300pgs-
  • Deliverable1 set of PG745 & CL746 ink cartridges along with the printer.
  • Standard on-site warranty of 1 year and additional warranty option is available against additional payment.
  • Canon customer support 18601803366 (Mon to FriTimings: 9:30 am-5:30 pm) for installation and service support.

OPTION 7: Canon IP2870 Printer.

Canon IP2870 Colour Single-Function Inketjet Printer Best Printers Under 5000


IP2870 Colour Single function best printers under 5000 Inketjet canon printer is one of the best choices for small office and home use. Easy to install and USB interface to home PC or Laptop.

Check out it from Amazon:

  • Print speed up to 4.0 ipm for colour and 8.0 ipm (mono) on A4 size ISO Standard paper.
  • The printer will work with Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista and Macintosh: Mac OS X v10.6.8 and with the later versions.
  • Support paper Sizeof A4, A5, B5, 4 x 6″, 5 x 7″, LTR, LGL,  Custom size (width 101.6mm – 215.9mm, length 152.4mm – 676mm) and Envelopes (DL, COM10),


To decide on the best printers under 5000, it is necessary to consider the initial cost and the hidden running costs as there is no way to bypass this cost along with the features.

The best printers under 5000 rankings in this blog are just a reference, you can select any from these lists if you don’t want to spend more time of the selection on the website. You can check the functionally details more in detail on the Amazon site and you can pick the best one which suited your needs and matches your price.

We hope this article helped you to select the suitable best printers under 5000 for your application. If you feel this article is helpful and you selected any product from this list, please comment down your personal experience below the comment box, as it will help some other readers who looking for a printer.

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