7 Best sales motivational Books

Best sales motivational Books

7 Best sales motivational Books to multiply your sales skills, highly recommended in 2022.

To succeed in sales, it is important to dedicate yourself to self-development and continuous learning. To improve your sales techniques, the most important thing a salesperson can do is read the best sales motivation books which can multiply your sales skills and master them through sales training.

In online, there are more than 35K books related to “sales” and “sales training”. As it is not practically possible to read all of them, I thought it might be helpful for all in the field of sales, if I could identify the best seven sales motivational Books from the big list. These sales motivational Books selection is done on the basis of online public reviews and recommendations from other well know experts, through their portals. These books are ideal to have in every once sales training course library.

Here are 7 great sales motivation authors of best-selling books of all time, who contributed to our favorite list of technical sales training.

Books are modern-day mentors, who have unparalleled access to the greatest minds of the past and current generation. That is why it is important to find out few moments to go through these books for your success.

During reading it is necessary to engage with it, as it helps the readers to remember and able to use it in practical life. Make sure that you are taking down the notes and highlight passages and talk about them with your colleagues to improve your own skills.

These best sales motivational books will help you for the following.

  • Bolster your sales skills and help in building strategies.
  • Techniques to handle difficult customers and different ways of solving problems.
  • Teach you how to do your sales and managerial job better way.
  • Helps to understand the sales acceleration formulas.
  • Develop leadership qualities and guide you towards building effective teams.

I can guarantee that reading the below books, with an intention of sales motivation, will lead to measurable growth in your sales career.

Book 1: Endless Referrals


Bob Burg bone on 29 January 1958. He is one of the top Most Influential Authors, who shares information on topics vital to the success of the business. In addition, he is an unapologetic animal fanatic. Bob wrote many books on marketing, sales and influence. Bob’s books always based on the principle that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to the number of people they serve.

Endless Referrals


Buy from Amazon:

This sales motivational Book Endless Referrals by Bob Burg is a definitive guide to turning casual contacts into solid sales opportunities for a business person.

Bob Burg’s endless referrals book defines the proven relationship-building principles which help to bring more clients. His book help to learn, how to maximize our daily contacts and leverage our relationships to generate more sales opportunities. Bob Burg’s book Endless Referrals help in following a serious sales career aspirant.

  • By mastering the contents of this book and you will guarantee your future success.
  • This book helps in building win-win relationships in your business.
  • How to email, phone, email, or a polite tap on the shoulder more effective for the business success.
  • How to generate and influence people for the endless referrals for our business.
  • The sensible approach to build your business relationships and endless referrals for business growth.

Bob Burg provides pragmatic and effective techniques for all sorts of business and salespeople for success in a short time.

Book 2: The Psychology of Selling.


Brian Tracy was born on 5th January 1944. Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American self-development author, motivational, and public speaker. Tracy is the chief executive officer of the self-development training organization, Brian Tracy International. He is helping his audience to reach their goals and achieve success in life. He is the author of more than eighty books related to sales and business development.

The Psychology of Selling


Buy from Amazon:

The best sales motivational Books Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy teaches the readers about selling psychology, which is important than the techniques and methods of selling.

Tracy’s classic book, The Psychology of Selling book, will offer perfect sales training for the freshers as well as for experienced salespersons.

Through his books a salesperson will learn:

  • The inner games of selling psychology.
  • How to avoid the fear of rejection and generate new prospects.
  • How to build unshakeable self-confidence in sales.

Brian Tracy, the psychology of selling the art of closing sales helps the salespersons to learn to control feelings, thoughts, and actions to make them more effective, salespeople.

Book 3: The Sales Advantage: How to Get it, Keep it, and Sell More Than Ever


Dale Carnegie was bone on 24 November 1888, in Missouri, United States. Dale Carnegie was an American lecture and writer. He is a corporate trainer, self-improvement trainer, developer of courses in salesmanship, public speaker, and interpersonal skills developer. He did his education at the University of Central Missouri, Maryville. Mr. Dale Carnegie completed this book with the co-Authors J. Oliver Crom and Michael A. Crom.

The Sales Advantage


Buy from Amazon:

The Sales Advantage by Dale Carnegie is a highly valuable sales training and the motivational book written on the basis of accumulated data collected from the interviews done with a wide variety of sales professionals in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

The two most often crucial questions asked by sales professionals are:

  • How can we close more sales?
  • What can we do to reduce objections?”

The answer to both questions is to “learn to sell from a buyer’s point of view.”

Global markets, increased technology, made the buying/selling process more complicated than ever before. Moreover, the sales promotion and planning is what the typical old-time salesperson did is now done by digital marketing experts and e-commerce sites.

The new sales professional need to take a consultative approach to unearth the real pieces of information critical to buyers buying decision. The Sales Advantage will enable any salesperson to develop long-term customer relationships and more sales opportunities. This book the sales advantage how to get it includes specific advice for each stage of the selling process, such as:

  • How to find prospects from both new and existing accounts.
  • How to unearth customers needs, such as their primary interest, buying criteria, and dominant buying motive
  • How to handle and sell beyond questions of price.

Dale Carnegie The Sales Advantage is a proven, logical, step-by-step guide for closing the sales with mutually benefiting for salesperson and customers alike. This sales motivational book, containing more than a hundred examples from successful salespeople who sell a variety of products and the practical advice to turn real-world challenges into opportunities.

Book 4: Secrets of Closing the Sale.

Author :

Zig Ziglar was born on 6th November 1926 in Alabama, United States. He is an author, motivational speaker, teacher, and trainer who encourages people around the world.  Zig Ziglar’s unique delivery style and powerful messages lead to consider one of the most versatile authorities on the science of human potential. He had written many books on motivation and sales.

Secrets of Closing the Sale


Buy from Amazon:

Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar is a real-life illustration, which gives you the strategies to become proficient in the art of selling. This book helps the new and experienced salesperson to overcome objections, increase productivity, and deal respectfully with challenging prospects.

The book is based on Zig Ziglar’s vast sales experience and insights in sales handling. These powerful 12 timeless sales sessions will help you to close more sales and multiply your sales revenue. Secrets of Closing the Sale provides you with many effective questioning techniques and practical advice that you can use to transform prospects into clients. Zig Ziglar’s secrets of closing the sale, Learn step by step will help you to lead the prospect to the decision table.

In this sales motivational book you’ll learn:

  • Professional persuasion and common sense selling
  • Effective presentations and buyer-based closing techniques.
  • The basics of honesty and empathy for sales success.
  • Empathy, sympathy, and self-image in selling
  • Asking questions to close the sale and making objections as a salesman’s friend.

Zig Ziglar Secrets of Closing the Sale teaches the salespeople the secret of using emotional logic to increase your closing ratio in the selling process.

Book 5: Sales Scripting Mastery: The 7-Step System For Consistently Delivering Successful Sales Presentations By Eric Lofholm



Eric Lofholm is a master sales trainer who helps sales aspirants to make more sales. More than an author, Eric is working for his own company Eric Lofholm International and offers expert training both for individuals and to corporate sales departments to improve their sales skills.

Sales Scripting Mastery


Buy from Amazon:

Sales Scripting Mastery: The 7-Step System For Consistently Delivering Successful Sales Presentations By Eric Lofholm help his readers to generate millions in sales revenue over the last few decades. The sales scripting Mastery is one of the best sales motivational books ever recommended by many sales trainers.

Eric Lofholm sales scripting mastery helps you in;

  • How to get over some of the common fears In sales scripting.
  • How to develop a step-by-step process for sales scripting.
  • How to script an effective sales closing
  • How to script responses to sales objections.
  • How to get your scripts written faster.
  • How to rehearse and deliver the scrip effectively and feels like

Eric includes hundreds of sample scripts that can use by any salesperson for every sales situation to create your own custom scripts. For sales trainers, salespersons, sales managers, and business owners this sales scripting mastery book is a must-read for increasing sales revenue.

Book 6: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini 


Dr. Robert Cialdini was bone on 27th April 1945. He is an award-winning behavioral scientist, author, and corporate trainer. On the basis of his work, Dr. Cialdini was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. He authored more than 200 professional and scientific publications. His principles of Persuasion have become the cornerstone for many organizations in increasing sales. He is referred to as the “Godfather of Influence.”



Buy from Amazon:

The sales motivational book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini explains the psychology of why prospects say yes and how to apply these insights ethically in everyday business settings.

Robert B. Cialdini explains his principles with simple related examples and memorable stories to make this crucially subject surprisingly simple and easy. This influence the psychology of persuasion book guides the readers to learn how to use this science and apply these principles practically in life.

Through Cialdini’s Universal Principles of Influence, every salesperson can become a more skilled persuader and learn how to defend against unethical influence attempts.

Robert B. Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion:

  • Reciprocationand Social Proof.
  • Commitment and Consistency.
  • Liking, Authority, and Scarcity.
  • Unity, the newest principle for the latest edition.

The best sales motivational book, Influence is a comprehensive guide for salespeople to understand and apply the principles ethically and deceptively easy to move others in their direction.

The principles in Robert Cialdini’s influence on the psychology of persuasion book are based on the peer-reviewed scientific research and from the three-year field study on what leads prospects to get Influenced.

Book 7: Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions by Keith Rosen’s


Keith Rosen has delivered his customized sales training programs to millions of salespeople across the world. Keith Rosen is the founder and CEO of the Best Sales Training and Coaching Company, Profit Builders. He was named The Sales Education Leader of the Year. Keith lives in New York, USA, with his family, consist of his wife & three children.

Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions


Buy from Amazon:

The best sales motivational and training book, Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions by Keith Rosen’s summary based on the simple principle that “ Sales training doesn’t develop sales champions, but a sales Manager does.”

The secret to developing a high performers sales team isn’t more training but better coaching by a manager.  When managers effectively coach their salespeople around them in a better direction, they will have a team to perform better and fast in closing the sales and intern more sales. This book is mainly for the sales managers, who need to effectively coach the team for better sales.

This book contains case studies, a library of coaching templates and scripts, a 30 Day Turnaround Strategy for under-performers, as well as hundreds of powerful coaching questions a sales manager can use immediately to coach anyone in any situation.

Through this sales manager’s training book you’ll also discover how to leverage the true power of observation and deliver positive behavioral feedback, to successfully motivate your team and each sales individual to reach business objectives much faster.

Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions is a step-by-step guide for any manager looking to:

  • Build deeper trust, handle difficult conversations, and retain top performers.
  • Boost sales and productivity, while reducing workload.
  • Conduct customer and pipeline reviews more effectively.
  • Achieve a long-term ROI from a team of salespeople.
  • Turn-around for underperformers in 30 days or less.
  • Develop a successful internal coaching program.

Keith Rosen’s best-selling book Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions makes every manager understand the principle that Training develops salespeople but Coaching develops sales champions.


If you’re interested in something that can immediately affect your sales in a positive way, click the button below of each of the best sales motivational books to buy from amazon and read it or attend the technical sales training programs. By reading and following the practical principles in this book make you generate more sales.

A recap of 7 great best-selling books of all time in the world in sales is listed above.

  • Endless Referrals by Bob Burg.
  • The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy.
  • The Sales Advantage: How to Get it, Keep it, and Sell More Than Ever.
  • Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar.
  • Sales Scripting Mastery: The 7-Step System For Consistently Delivering Successful Sales PresentationsBy Eric Lofholm.
  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini.
  • Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions by Keith Rosen’s.

Which one from the above list of best-selling books of all time wins your vote for the best sales book?

As each of us has unique sales strategies, goals, and interests. So which one would you consider for yourself or for your team as an absolute best sales book?

Or If you had to buy one sales book, which one would it be? Also please share if you are knowing any other book need to list in the top list.

We recommend you to check the  7 best professional development books in addition to the above best sales motivational books

Please comment below.

Thanks & Regards


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